Best Home Improvement Trends For 2020 in Warren, Ohio

February 25, 2020 at 5:00 AM
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The advent of the quickly approaching springtime opens up many opportunities for home improvement. Freshening up your home for the springtime in Warren, Ohio is always a great excuse to get ahead of the game. Home improvement may seem like an overwhelming and expensive process to undergo, but it only takes a few small touches to make your home a masterpiece. When you feel like it’s time to make some changes to your home but you don’t know where, consider starting from the ground up.

The bigger picture on today’s design trends

With the rise of social media, everyone’s life has become set on a sort of stage. Unique individual design trends are becoming increasingly more popular with the emphasis on creative expression through digital outlets like posting to Instagram. Homeowners are far more inclined to create a distinct design and an aesthetic that is particular to their personality. Over the last few decades, we’ve seen a one size fits all approach to design. Today, more homeowners are customizing their spaces and expressing themselves through their interior design by embracing the unconventional.

All natural

Contemporary for 2020 sways towards a minimalist and organic interior design. The decorations and furniture are often right out of a Frank Lloyd Wright design book. Decorative plants are often larger and more exotic, while natural light is freely flowing in through the windows and stretching itself out in large, golden rectangles across the floor. Contemporary homes also appear to be more open and airy. Flooring that contains the natural knolls and knots of wood is one of the most popular options we’ve seen amongst millennials with a contemporary interior in mind. While it can be a much more expensive option, stone floors can also create a similar effect.

Think earthy

The majority of contemporary interiors utilize very mellow, earthy color palettes. This tranquil design technique pairs well with the rustic flooring options we previously mentioned. Often, the paint color of the walls will match the flooring and tie the room together into a cohesive aesthetic body. Every piece of your home is a determining factor in the success of your overall design plan. As home design becomes more personalized, the areas and aspects of your home that you want to improve open up. Add certain accents like pieces of art and surround your room with plenty of greenery to create a more sophisticated dynamic.

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