Care & Maintenance

There are a number advantages of hardwood floors to carpet, tile, or other types of flooring.

First, they are considered a timeless style, that fits beautifully with any design. Second, they are easily maintained, and if they get scuffed or worn, they do not need to be replaced. Simplifying refinishing them will suffice. Lastly, hardwood floors add value to your property. It is relatively well-known that adding a hardwood floor to your home is a quick way to increase its value.

However, if a hardwood floor is not well maintained, the benefits of having one are diminished. That is why at American Floor Care, we can help keep your floors in top condition with regular maintenance services.

You can also increase the longevity of your hardwood floors by following these maintenance tips:

  • • Clean your floors regularly with a neutral solution and a damp mop
  • • Install entrance mats from outside your door
  • • Remove your shoes before stepping on the floors
  • • Keep humidity levels moderate (35%-65%) Trim the claws/nails of any pets
  • • Utilize carpet runners

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