Common Wood Flooring Problems That Require Refinishing

April 27, 2020 at 4:00 AM
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Hardwood flooring is preferred by homeowners for many reasons. It’s stylish, low-maintenance and easy to clean. And unlike carpeting, hardwood flooring adds value to a home.

While it’s true that hardwood flooring is durable and capable of handling a lot of abuse, there are some common issues that may require sanding hardwood floors to correct them. Our hardwood flooring experts at American Floor Care compiled a reference list of common conditions to help homeowners determine whether sanding hardwood floors is the solution.

Sanding Hardwood Floors vs. Other Fixes

Sanding hardwood floors is a step that only remedies certain hardwood flooring conditions. Deep cleaning and other repairs may be needed.

1. My floor is dull-looking.

The accumulation of dirt and grime can make any surface look worn and in need of repairs. When it comes to hardwood flooring, a good deep cleaning is the best solution to rid your floors of that dingy look. 

To thoroughly clean hardwood, first sweep them with a soft bristle broom, followed by a vacuum to remove dirt lodged in hard-to-reach places. Finally, use a microfiber cloth and concentrated hardwood floor cleaner to scrub the flooring. Never use steamers, water, vinegar or cleaners that produce suds to clean hardwood flooring. For high-traffic areas, a special hardwood floor scrubber may be needed. Our hardwood flooring experts can perform this service.

2. My finish is cracking and peeling.

There are many reasons why hardwood flooring finish cracks and peels. It may have been contaminated or improperly prepped during the initial application process. If excessive sanding occurred before the finish was applied, it may have burnished the surface, making the surface too smooth for the finish to adhere. Inadequate cleaning in between coats also can cause issues. This is a common problem that unfortunately requires the floor to be sanded down and refinished properly.

3. My floors look old and worn.

Homeowners who are blessed with an older home with fabulous hardwood flooring may notice that it has started to look old and worn. All hardwood flooring eventually wears out and needs refreshing. On average, a properly installed and finished hardwood floor should last 20 years without needing additional attention. If it’s only been a few years since a hardwood floor was originally installed or refinished and it already looks in need of repairs or touch-ups, it likely was not installed properly. Unfortunately, this is another situation in which sanding the hardwood floors and applying a new finish is necessary to correct the situation.

4. My floor is stained.

Mishaps — such as pets urinating on the floor or spilling of food and beverages — occur, leaving behind unsightly stains in hardwood flooring. This is one of those issues that may require a good cleaning or refinishing, depending on what caused the stain and how deep it is in the wood. If the stain is on the surface of the hardwood floor finish, a deep cleaning is usually all it takes to remedy the problem. But if the stain has soaked through the finish and into the flooring itself, the affected floorboards will need replacing and the entire floor will likely need refinishing.

5. My wood planks are cracking.

Flooring nailers, which are a necessary tool when installing hardwood flooring, can cause unsightly cracks in the boards. Ideally, if a board is damaged during installation, it should immediately be replaced before sanding and finishing. Low humidity and moisture in a room also can cause fractures in the wood. Factory-finished boards can be replaced individually without the need to sand and refinish the entire floor. If the flooring doesn’t consist of factory-finished boards, the boards in question will need replacing and the entire surface will need to be refinished.

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Hardwood flooring is a worthwhile investment in any home. But like anything else, it requires maintenance and repair to maintain its value.

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