6 benefits of tile floor cleaning and waxing

July 20, 2021 at 7:00 AM
6 benefits of tile floor cleaning and waxing

Cleaning your tile floors might not always be a priority. Although, it’s incredibly important to preserve their shine and strength. At American Floor Care, we can provide you with tile floor cleaning and waxing to save you from having to perform costly repairs or replacements in the future. If you’ve never considered deep cleaning or waxing for your tiles, keep reading for six reasons you should.

Remove dust and dirt particles

The build-up of dust and dirt can lead to deep scratches and scrapes in your tiles and the grouting. Not only are these an eyesore, but they can also cause further damage to your tile as moisture gets into the cracks and expands if your house gets cold. As the cracks expand, they’ll extend beyond their original size and can cause major structural damage. Cleaning and waxing your floor will remove these potentially harmful particles to protect your tile.

Protect the surface of the tiles

In addition to cleaning the surface of the tiles, good waxing applies a protective surface to them to ensure that dust and dirt can’t scratch the tile itself. Keep in mind, however, that the protective layer that was applied by waxing will eventually wear down and need to be reapplied, so it’s best to wax your floor twice a year.

Adds a shine to your floor

A dull and dingy floor can do a lot to take down the mood in a room. Conversely, a clean floor will brighten up a room and make it feel more inviting. You can give your floor a nice shine that’s not only beautiful but easier to clean as it has a smooth surface that’s easier to mop.

Prevents staining and discoloration

Aged tile that hasn’t been cleaned or waxed in a significant amount of time will start to fade and get discolored. Another benefit of the protective surface created by waxing is that it helps your tile keep its original color. The surface of the tile itself isn’t going to be exposed to foot traffic, dirt, or spills and will better maintain the look that it had the day it was installed.

Prevents tiles from lifting

Tiles are secured to the floor and each other with glue and grouting. If your tiles aren’t protected, they’re going to be exposed to moisture and debris that can get down into the grouting or even under the tile. This will render the glue ineffective over time as it gets waterlogged and the tiles will start to lift from the floor. Cleaning and waxing your tile will continue to protect it from harmful elements that damage the structure.

Gets rid of harmful bacteria

No matter how hard you try to encourage guests to remove their shoes when walking in your house, there will still be dirt tracked from the outside. We’ve mentioned previously how damaging dirt can be to your tile, but it also hosts bacteria. These microbes can cause illnesses in your family or exacerbate existing medical conditions like asthma or allergies. Regular cleaning will help to keep bacteria away.

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